Portality Pricing

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscriptions cost $16.99 and come with 5 Portal slots granted each month.

Bonus Slots

Earn two bonus Portal slots for every five successful Portals generated consecutively in a streak without a failure.

Additional Portal Slots

Purchase individual additional Portal slots for $2.99 each.

Launch Bonus

The first 100 customers to subscribe to Portality will automatically receive 20 extra Portal slots.

Failure and Refund Policy

Failures due to server or algorithmic issues are eligible for refund and refunds are automatically credited to your account, but higher quality input data will result in higher quality Portals. Portals that are low quality due to data capture coverage or other input data issues are not considered failures and are eligible for a refund. Contact us for uncaught issues or to apply for a refund review at https://portality.ai/company/contact or email at support@portality.ai

Enterprise Pricing

We offer enterprise pricing for organizations of all sizes that wish to use our product. Please contact us at https://portality.ai/company/contact to get in touch and discuss packaged pricing options.